Craig Winn

Thursday’s Morning Zone
Today's schedule includes:
7.07 AM MDT Craig Winn, author of 'Tea With Terrorists", "Prophet of Doom, Yada Yaweah and more is back with his often controversial view of world affairs.
8:07AM MDT Michele Sfakianos offers practical tips and guidance on how to steer teens
Thursday on the Morning Zone
Here is today's schedule of discussions.
7:07AM MDT: Author of "Tea with Terrorists", "Prophet of Doom" and "Yada Yaweah" joins host Dave Chaffin for a timely discussion of the top headlines from around the world and the country.
7:40AM MDT Wyoming's Senator John Barrasso…
Thursday On The Morning Zone
Here is the line up for today's Morning Zone Program with host Dave Chaffin.
7:07AM MDT: Author of "Tea With Terrorist", "Prophet of Doom", Yada Yaweah, and more, and long time friend of the program, Craig Winn, is back for his monthly visit...
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Thursday on The Morning Zone
7:07AM MDT: Author of "Tea with Terrorists", "Yada Yaweh" and " Prophet of Doom",  Craig Winn- He will weigh in on the Boston bombings, The civil war in Syria and other top news stories and give his unique views.
8:07AM MDT: Maestro William I…
Tuesday’s Morning Zone: Craig Winn and Chief Brian Kozak
Lots of excitement today in The Morning Zone with host Dave Chaffin:
7:07AM MST: Author of Tea Wit Terrorists, Prophet of Doom, Yada Yaweah and more, Craig Winn is on with Dave. Craig gives us a very unique insight into world affairs as they relate to Yawah's word, and Prophecy...
Tuesday’s Morning Zone: Craig Winn Is Back Plus Chief Kozak
He's been M.I.A. for several months, now, but this morning author of Tea with Terrorists, Prophet of Doom, and Yada Yaweah, Mr Craig Winn is back with host Dave Chaffin on the Morning Zone at 7:07AM MDT.Theywill analyze last nights Presidential Debate and talk about the real ramifications on th…
Obamacare, Retirement Living, and Craig Winn Thurs. Morning Zone
Join us in The Morning Zone today and hear what the following guests have to say about what's happening :
7:07AM MDT: Maybe it’s still a free country after all. Maybe the Founding Fathers did account for every possible scenario.After the nation stopped reeling from last Thursday’s shocking Supreme Co…

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