Does anyone in Wyoming need to call a priest to exorcise a demon? Perhaps demon possession is not true. Perhaps it is. Consider the following stories:

August 24, 2017, the website County 17 reports that Gillette, Wyoming police had responded to a domestic violence call where the husband had beaten his wife to death. “Don’t bring her back, she’s the devil,” the husband said. “I finished it. Make sure she doesn’t come alive; she ruined my family,” Perhaps this was just a random nut who attacked his wife. The husband, however, might argue that point.

May 10, 2017, The Cody Enterprise tells the story of a Cody man pleading guilty to a theater rampage. The suspect thought that he was “possessed by a demon.” Police say it was a mixture of cocaine and LSD.

June 19, 2013, this Wyoming story made it all the way to the UK Daily Mail. They reported that a Riverton, Wyoming woman "was taken to hospital after being 'possessed' and sprayed with Holy Water during an exorcism to rid a 'biting' demon. They claim that a 31-year-old stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest when she was sprayed with Holy Water. House occupants said a demon had been biting them and breaking plates."

So are we dealing with folks tripping out on drugs, or demon possession, or both. The closer we get to Halloween the more you should begin to wonder.


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