I have always been a fan of the National Treasure movies, but I didn't realize that one part of the movie is really true. There really is a hidden room inside of it.

Business Insider shared some of the backstory behind the secret room inside Mount Rushmore which isn't much of a secret.

The legend goes that Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of the faces on Mount Rushmore, wanted this room added with records of how the monument was created. He died before it was completed, but his family convinced the government to include the room per his wishes. According to Business Insider, the room also had important historic documents there locked in a vault. Yes, that is also very National Treasure, too.

Sadly, the Declaration of Independence is not in Mount Rushmore. It's also unfortunate that the secret room (aka "The Hall of Records") is still not available to the public.

Oh, by the way, CNet was among the media outlets to report that there is finally a National Treasure 3 in the works. Cannot wait.

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