Older adults all around Cheyenne are taking their love, care, and experience to countless kids and helping them achieve greatness as they have.  When we all step out of ourselves and share our love and time with others and experience, we have the power to help a child in need here in Cheyenne.

Judi Johnston, Director of the Southeast Wyoming Foster Grandparent Program talked about the need for adults 55 and older, to take some time and help some students here in the Cheyenne area.

As a Foster Grandparent, you're a role model, a mentor and a friend. Here are some ways that you can be of service to our local youngsters:

You would be helping these youngsters to learn to read, provide one-on-one tutoring and guide these kids at a critical time in their lives.

Katherine Flandera, who participates in the program said, "This program means making a big difference in a child's life. it's a way of sharing out life experiences and bringing back happy memories!"

So what do you say? Is this something that you think you could be a part of? The rewards are unlimited and it means so much to youngsters that want to succeed, but just need a little help to get there.

For more details about the program, stipends (which will not affect your social security or other retire benefits you may be receiving), hours and how you can help, give Judi Johnston a call at 307-634-1265 or email her at fgp@peakwellnesscenter.org

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