As we're coming to the end of May, the summer of live music is about to start in Downtown Cheyenne. We're going to have live music coming out of our ears(or into our ears) all summer long and I'm here for it. We have free shows popping up all over town, CFD has a strong lineup, Fridays on the Plaza is looking solid and The Lincoln has some really great acts coming in all summer long.

The next big show they have coming up is Orville Peck, which is sure to bring a crowd to Downtown Cheyenne. There are also bands like Bone Thugs, Puddle Of Mudd, and more that we'll get to check out.

There was another recent addition added to the lineup for The Lincoln's summer lineup. The Lincoln has added Animal Collective to their long list of artists and man, they're going to be so good. They'll hit The Lincoln on August 22nd.

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If you're not familiar with Animal Collective, I've got your back. Check out some of these videos from the band. They'll get you in the mood for their show.

Their music videos are super trippy, I know. I really enjoy watching them, though. They're kind of comforting. Just think, if their music videos are this creative, imagine what the show will be like. I'd bet very entertaining.

Tickets for this show are really affordable at $25, and you can buy them here. They did say in another post that the Green Room is available to rent out for this show as well. Might as well go big.

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