If you were like I was and really excited for the Daughtry show with Blackstone Cherry at The Lincoln tomorrow night, it appears that the show has been canceled.

Daughtry's performance was removed from The Lincoln's section where you buy tickets. The next show that you can buy tickets to at The Lincoln is The Dead South, which is performing next week. If you go to buy tickets from Daughtry's website you'll get a link that says the show was canceled. You can see that here.

It's a bit of a shot to the gut. This was leading up to be a great show and a really good welcome to CFD week. It was kind of the appetizer to what was going to be a long couple of weeks of solid entertainment.

It's also unfortunate timing with the B.O.B. show being canceled last week. While we've still had some great shows, including Tracy Byrd last month and the Fridays On The Plaza show Saturday, featuring Petey Pablo.

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While it's a bummer to miss out on Daughtry, as I mentioned, The Dead South show at The Lincoln will be a great show to catch next week, and it'll be a great escape if you're looking to avoid the crowds at CFD. We'll also have great, live music around town next Wednesday for Cheyenne Day with Boogie Machine playing on the plaza. So, if you're looking for entertainment, Cheyenne will have plenty of it.

Shout out to The Lincoln for bringing some great shows in and its lineup over the summer is really second to none. They are easily my favorite venue to catch a show in Cheyenne.

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