by Donna Garner---

1.27.12---Recently we noticed that a movie called The Last Man Standing is being shown on TV.  We have no idea what that movie is about nor whether it is any good; but the title seems to apply to the Republican candidates.

After watching the last few debates, we are beginning to think that Newt and Mitt might actually “knock each other out,” and the “last man standing” might be Rick Santorum.

In fact, we have been told that Rush Limbaugh said something similar yesterday on his radio program; and after last night’s CNN debate, the idea that Rick Santorum may arise as the best choice for the Republican nominee is a perfectly viable one.

Greta Van Susteren challenged Rick Santorum on her program after the CNN debate to explain the only real barb that was sent his way:

“Why did you support Mitt Romney as the conservative in the 2008 primaries?”

Rick answered back with a perfectly logical answer and one that probably applied to many conservatives around the country who also had supported Romney back in 2008.

Santorum said that was BEFORE Romney had supported the TARP bailouts and BEFORE Romney helped to craft and then support  RomneyCare!

Santorum explained that Romney had represented himself as a conservative but turned into a left-leaning moderate when all was said and done.

If that is the only drawback to Santorum (i.e., the fact that he once supported Romney in 2008), then voters need to look to Santorum as our truly authentic conservative champion.

Please read what the Santorum campaign sent out a few minutes ago, and it seems that even the left-wing media gave him high marks for his comments at the CNN debate last night.

We in our household continue to support Rick Santorum and believe he is the only authentic conservative in the Republican race.

Santorum also has a good record of having run and having served successfully in Congress from 1991-2006. To do this in a Democrat state, Santorum must have known how to draw support from a large number of Democrats, Independents, and conservatives.

Leadership with integrity and courage counts even in a country that is somewhat ideologically divided; and we believe that if voters are given a choice between Rick Santorum and Obama, they will choose Santorum in a heartbeat.

Donna Garner