Mitt Romney

Romney Endorses Mead in Wyo. Gov. Race
Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney formally endorsed incumbent Matt Mead in the Wyoming governor’s race on Tuesday, officials with the Mead campaign say.
“I’m honored to have Gov. Romney’s endorsement,&…
Commentary: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney
Dear Governor Romney,
With the suspension of Sen. Rick Santorum’s campaign, it now appears that you have the 2012 Republican presidential nomination sewn up. And in the current climate, that should assure you of a victory in November...
Romney, Reporter Boey, and More THurs. on Hannity
Hannity is on the air right here on AM650 KGAB and today and every weekday 4-7PM MDT. Today, Sean's guests will be:
5:05pm MDT -- GOP Presidential front-runner Governor Mitt Romney will discuss his campaign and recent endorsement by popular Florida Senator Marco Rubio

5:35pm MDT -- Fox …
Romney Takes Delegate From Santorum in Wyoming
WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney’s supporters in Wyoming have successfully challenged a delegate to the party’s national convention that had been awarded to rival Rick Santorum — showing the lengths the campaigns are willing to go to fight over a si…

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