The coldest recorded temperature ever in the Cowboy State was February 9, 1933. Are you happy to say you were not around yet? At the Riverside Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park, it dipped – I’m sorry, it plunged – down to -66.

Actually, that day broke a number of cold records in the area. -66 was also a record established at West Yellowstone, and -63 in Moran, Wyoming. Established for tourism, the town Northwest of Jackson still serves as one of the main fee collection entrances to Grand Teton National Park. Moran’s elevation isn’t that high, at 6,749 feet, but Wikipedia says Moran is “known as the state's coldest continually inhabited place.”

I believe it, you?

85 years later, on February 9th, Moran reached a balmy 33 – above zero.

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