So I guess the way this works is you stop by the bank for some cash, then go to the bar for a drink, or to the club for..whatever you do at the club. As long as you have money in the bank you can keep drinking.

If you are an outlaw, you can rob the bank then get drunk at the bar and get into a fight before getting arrested.

Either way, it is a all-in-one handy place at Wyoming's old Bank Club Bar. 

The First State Bank Of Baggs Wyoming is on Wyoming's Registry of History Places. Click on that link and you'll see the unusual front of the building declaring it a bank, club, and bar.

Okay, to be fair, the bank did not happen at the same time as the club or the bar. But all three are listed on the front of the building.

Baggs has always been a ranching community. Being a bit isolated, the town needed its own bank. Then the bank closed in 1924. It was a doctor's office for a little while. But then bootleggers sold illegal liquor for a number of years and when liquor became legal again, the place made the natural transition to Baggs Liquor. Then it was a liquor store and bar for a number of years.

In 1946 the place was purchased again and was named The Bank Club Bar.

The Bank Club Bar now has the words First State Bank Of Baggs on it once again. It looks more like a secondhand store, at least when a Google Car drove by it in September of 2007.

If anyone from Baggs is reading this, please let us know.

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