If you have planted a garden and or have a pond or water attraction built into your backyard network, then you are well aware of the fact that these items also attract the unwelcome pests like bugs and mosquitoes. The first thing people may do is expend some sort of common pesticides or pesticide poisoning. There are many, many good reasons to NOT use these chemical pesticides to rid your yard and garden of pests and bugs.

Nature has a built in pest elimination system. Wild birds and bats are natures best pest control companies to control pests. Insects play a major role in the cycle of nature, from the largest to the smallest of backyard networks. Other people may hire pest control services using pest control products which can to eternal damage to the plants, animals and even family members as well. One of the major problems chemical pesticides verses the organic pesticides is that they really don’t know when to stop destroying and killing. It’s like winding up a mechanical destroyer from a science fiction movie that has not emotion, will or decision making capacity. All it knows it “engage me and I will kill”.

With this destruction going on, what happens is that natural and beneficial insects will be destroyed, which may give rise to a more difficult pest problem, especially if you just sprayed and killed the insects natural insect predators.


Pesticide use will continue to lessen as gardeners and planters are mindful of the great benefits of natural pest control and stay away from traditional pesticide use. If you’re trying to get total elimination of your pest control problems, you never will. Chemical pesticides may dissolve the problem temporarily, however if a formerly sprayed pest returns to your neck of the woods, they may be more resistant to chemical pesticides in the future.

It’s also to keep in mind that electric bug zappers also work in the same way of the pesticides albeit different in the fact that you are not spraying, but are still eliminating a very rich resource for local birds and bats to munch on. One thing that people fail to realize is how the bug zapper works and how they fail to attract the intended targets – mosquitoes! Here’s why. Electronic bug zappers work by attracting insects that are looking for a mate at night and are attracted to light.

A mosquito on the other hand, find their nightly meal of blood from mammals by smelling the carbon monoxide that all mammals exhale. They are not attracted to light and therefore miss being killed by these bug zapping devices.




Ken “The Batman” Rudman is resident of Wyoming. He is also a writer, businessman and a promoter of bird and bat preservation, natural insect control, and a “how-to” guy to help people build up their backyard network in attracting song birds, feeders, artificial houses, facts and more. Send your questions, ideas, article requests and inquiries to Ken – The Backyard Ombudsman-  at his email address: mailto:wildlifehouses@yahoo.com