Testing recently completed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta confirms that the enterovirus D68 virus is present in Wyoming. 

Enterovirus D68 cases have been confirmed in youth from Campbell County and Lincoln County. Test results are pending for other potential Wyoming cases.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Tracy Murphy said “we have been hearing about respiratory illnesses around the state and have been monitoring the situation. He added that the department has "shared information about this virus and testing recommendations with Wyoming’s healthcare providers.”

Illness caused by enteroviruses can range from mild to severe; not everyone infected develops a serious illness. Symptoms of enterovirus illness can include fever, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and body aches; wheezing and shortness of breath can occur in more severe cases.

Murphy said "while it is likely Wyoming illnesses are being caused by this specific virus, Enterovirus D68 is not the only respiratory virus likely circulating." He added that "many viruses have similary symptoms.”

Murphy noted enteroviruses are common and enterovirus D68 is not new. There are no specific anti-viral medications or treatments for D68 other than caring for symptoms.

Many hospitals and some doctor’s offices can use a general test to see if a patient has an enterovirus infection, but are not able to determine the specific type, such as D68.

Because children with asthma and similar conditions can be vulnerable to this virus, Murphy said CDC recommends taking prescribed asthma medications as directed and keeping reliever medications handy. If new asthma symptoms develop or symptoms worsen, follow asthma action plan steps. If symptoms do not go away, call a doctor.