Eric Emmett
Technical Sergeant
United States Air Force

Eric is our hero as he has been deployed for 5 deployments, in which he has been to Iraq x2 and Afghanstan x2. He volunteered right after 911 and is in Air Medic-Evac. He cares for our wounded soliders in the air and cares for them in their critical hours of need, and even in their final hours or moments. He helps brings our wounded warriors to hospitals of higher quality or the home so they are closer to their loved ones. Eric is my hero as he cares not for himself, but more those in need. Eric always puts the soliders needs before his. He laughs, cries, and prays for the the wounded. But mostly he is a man of great pride to serve his country and the soldiers to ensure they are put above all others. Please honor Eric Emmett for his dedicated service and for always volunteering for deployments so other members will not have to leave their wives or children.

Nominated by Rita Emmett.