There was a time when coyotes in Wyoming were hunted as varments that needed to be wiped out.

Today, according to our best estimates, there are about 89,000 coyotes in Wyoming.

Should you see a coyote in The Cowboy State, don't panic.

Look for the following signs before you take any action.

Is he carrying a box marked ACME?

Does he have explosives like TNT on him?

Is he in possession of a giant magnet?

attachment-446799040_8033842776626758_8986662046275745104_n (1)

Is he holding a sign that reads "FREE BIRD SEEDS."

Is he building a catapult or constructing a rocket?

Wearing roller stakes with a rocket on his back is a big clue.

If you are around buttes or cliffs watch for falling coyotes.

Is he doing anything with an anvil?

If you see these signs it is best to clear the area.

What will happen next will not be good and you don't want any part of it.

If you have to ask why anyone would ever spot a coyote possessing or doing any of these things in Wyoming, I'll have to question your childhood.

Still, it's rare to see such coyote activity in the Cowboy State.

Most coyotes chase roadrunners in places like Nevada.

There are no reports of roadrunners in Wyoming.

That's not to say those coyotes don't like eating rabbits.

But some rabbits are clever.

Maybe the coyotes caught and ate them all.

While Looney Tunes' cartoon roadrunner might have been able to outrun the coyote every time, real-life roadrunners aren't so fast.

Coyotes can run up to 43 miles per hour.

Roadrunners top off at 20 miles per hour.

That means your entire childhood was a LIE!


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