Shane Smith

Halloween on The Morning Zone
Today's schedule includes:

7:07AM MDT:  Dr. Susan Shumsky guests with host Dave Chaffin to talk about  Everything You Want to Know About Ghosts. It’s Halloween season and time to get ghoulish and talk ghosts! Why do some people become ghosts, while others cross over int…
Thursday’s Morning Zone: Shane and The Gardens
You've been telling us and we have listened. You definitely want more open line time, so we will begin with that today. Starting at 8:07AM MDT, host Dave Chaffin will open the phone lines for you to be our guests and pick your topics. Just pick up the phone and call into The Morning Zone...
Thursday On The Morning Zone
Today will be another great show on The Morning Zone as Dave's guests will be:
7:37AM MDT: Today's Ask A Local Expert is  Travis Lingenfelter,  Marketing Director at Pointe Frontier Retirement Community.
8:07AM MDT:  Ben Barrack is an Investigative Radio Host and Blogger who b…