Today's schedule includes:

7:07AM MDT:  Dr. Susan Shumsky guests with host Dave Chaffin to talk about  Everything You Want to Know About Ghosts. It’s Halloween season and time to get ghoulish and talk ghosts! Why do some people become ghosts, while others cross over into the light? Why are some places haunted? Can ghosts hurt us and should we fear them? Ghost Whisperer Dr. Susan Shumsky will answer all your ghost questions.
7:37AM MDT: internationally-respected dream analyst/researcher/author Craig Webb will  discuss what we can learn from nightmares and why they're not "bad" dreams at all. Webb has made more than 1,000 media appearances, consulted for Fortune 500 corporations, A- list celebrities and feature films. Craig Webb   Halloween Nightmares Could Make You Famous!
 9:07AM MDT: Shane Smith, Director of Cheyenne's Beautiful Botanic Gardens. Besides talking about what is going on at the Children's Village and Gardens, Shane will talk pumpkins, bulbs, Christmas cactus, Christmas lighting and last minute yard chores before the hard frost sets in.

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