An army of miller moths has invaded southeast Wyoming this month. Yesterday, they viciously attacked a local radio station, knocking it off the air for 8 hours.

Attracted by the flashing lights that warn low flying planes about broadcast transmission towers, hundreds of thousands of millers infested the KING-FM transmitter site, blocking an 'airflow interlock'.

At first, radio station employees thought the shutdown was due to a power outage caused by yesterday's thunderstorms. When they checked the transmitter readings, the power was on, but only operating at 0.2%.

The ruthless attack of the millers was well timed and orchestrated. After effectively disabling the site, the kamikaze millers continued to occupy the transmitter, rendering it unable to regain power. Finally, after an eight hour reign of terror, one heroic engineer was able to stave off the mighty Millers, sending them into retreat and restoring order on the airwaves.

According to sources within Townsquare Media - Cheyenne, they plan avenge the savage attack. "I hate those millers and I vow to violently assassinate any moth I see this summer. As God as my witness, I will take down every last miller. We didn't start this war, but we're gonna finish it. You hear me miller moths? I'm coming for you," said one employee, speaking under the condition of anonymity. He then grabbed a rolled up magazine and began swinging it about wildly.


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