When people in Wyoming need advice, we know who to ask...Google. A new study recently compiled the most commonly googled "should I?" questions in every state. The results offer interesting insights into our confused culture.

Wyoming was one of several states asking Google "should I vote?" That was also the most common question in the Dakotas and Montana.

Our neighbors in Idaho are even lazier. They asked Google "should I care?" That query also claimed the top spot in Oregon, New Mexico, and Ohio.

In Nebraska, they're more concerned with their weight, asking Google "should I fast?".

Meanwhile, folks in Colorado and Utah are trying to escape. The most common Google question in those states is "should I move?". Hopefully, Google advised them not to move here.

Other popular questions were more mundane. In Illinois, it was "should I break up with my boyfriend?". In Arizona, it was "should I cut my hair?". In Washington, it was "should I delete Facebook?".

Finally, our friends in Texas must be feeling guilty. The most common google question in the Lone Star State was "should I apologize?". The answer is yes, but only for Dallas Cowboys fans.


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