How many times have you suddenly found your driving distracted by a strange road sign? Have you ever turned around just to make sure you read it correctly, or to take a picture and post it?

I am proud to inform you that Wyoming has some of the strangest signs along our highways in the nation. Yes, we should be proud. Here are seven of them.

1. One of the most famous is the metal chain that sticks straight out, called the Wyoming Windsock. It is probably the most accurate forecaster of the weather we have.

2. The Wyoming Department of Transportation posted a rather large sign that reads "Caution, Antelope entering the highway at 55-MPH." What other state has a sign like that?

3. How many states have warning signs about not petting the buffalo, and what could happen if you try? I'm thinking Wyoming needs more of those signs.

4. Another rather famous Wyoming sign gives the speed limit for those who excel at math. Most of us would rather take the speeding ticket rather than try and figure out the formula.

5. There are many signs in our state that warn us about some Crazy Woman. Not sure who she is but she must be really nutz-o to have so many warning signs dedicated to her.

6. The Absolutely Nothing Next 22 Miles sign is not real, but it should be.

7. Finally, if the nude sunbathers eating waffles sign in Lost Springs Wyoming is not real, it too should be.

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