Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen says that while he supports the idea of a city administrator for Cheyenne, people who object to not being able to vote for the person making everyday decisions have a ''fair argument."

Steenbergen and the Chamber have been pushing for several months for approval of a change in the structure of city government in Cheyenne so that a city administrator would take over day to day management of the city. Supporters of the proposal claim the change would lead to a smaller and more efficient city government.

That opinion is hotly disputed by opponents such as Boyd Wiggam of the Wyoming Liberty Group, who maintain the opposite is true and that an administrator would likely lead to a bigger city government that is less inclined to respond to public opinion on local issues.

While Steenbergen feels the city would be better served by an appointed administrator as opposed to an elected mayor making day to day decisions, he admits the administrator would not be directly answerable to the voters in the same way as an elected mayor.

But he argues the administrator would be mostly in charge of implementing the policies set by the city council as opposed to setting policy. He also says that regardless of which side people take on the issue, the debate is healthy for Cheyenne.

Cheyenne residents will decide in a November special election whether to approve the change or keep the current form of city government headed by an elected mayor.