The State Canvassing Board certified the state’s election results Monday with the exception of results for the retention of Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Wesley Roberts whose name was inadvertently left off the Teton County ballot.

The State Canvassing Board, made up of the Governor, the Secretary of State (Chairman), the State Auditor and the State Treasurer, met on November 10 to review results of the November 4 General Election. The Board took formal action to certify as official the election results for the statewide offices, the state legislature, the constitutional amendment, and all judicial retentions except the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court retention.

The Board directed that Teton County conduct a special mail ballot election on the retention of Wesley A. Roberts, Ninth Judicial District Circuit Court.

Deputy Secretary of State Pat Arp took time at the end of the meeting to honor outgoing Secretary of State Max Maxfield who is retiring at the end of his term.