Spradley Barr Toyota, a staple and integral part of Cheyenne over the last 20 years, is growing again. Wyoming’s premier auto dealer is investing $4.3M to add 12,000 square feet and completely renovate the Toyota showroom and service center in the West Edge.

The expansion of the maintenance and service facilities will increase quality and will reduce scheduling and wait times for oil changes, repairs and general service. The newly designed showroom will create a first-class shopping experience to showcase the latest and greatest vehicles Toyota has to offer.

“We have the best customers in the world, so we are thrilled to make this investment to give them the best Toyota experience we can," said Bob Womack, Vice President of  Spradley Barr Toyota.

The investment also helps the West Edge District’s continued development by creating at least 12 new jobs in the first 6 months, with the potential of adding more in the next 2 years. The added positions include benefits, and will include apprentices, service provider positions, service parts positions, and mechanical technicians opportunities.

“We started in 1998 with 58 employees, and we now have 136 full-time employees. Increasing our space and services will lead to more job opportunities for the Cheyenne economy, and that’s something we can all get excited about," Womack said.

During this renovation, which is anticipated to start in June 2020 and be completed in Fall 2021, Spradley Barr Toyota will remain open. All sales and service operations will be temporarily located across the street at the commercial vehicle and Hyundai shops. Customers can continue to come in for routine maintenance, any service needs, and to shop for new and used vehicles.

Spradley Barr Toyota
Spradley Barr Toyota

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