Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says he thinks the best way to stop incidents such as the recent mass shooting at an Oregon community college is to address mental health issues.

The sheriff, a vocal critic of using gun control laws to stop violent crime, says of such events "that tool, that weapon, was not what caused that".

But Sheriff Glick says of people who commit such acts ''there's a mental issue there" adding mental illness is a huge problem across the country and often a key factor in violent crime

He says mental health care is especially an issue for organizations such as the Laramie County Sheriff's Department which are in charge of jails, whether it's a local county jail or a large state prison. He says such facilities need available and effective mental health care to prevent future crimes by the mentally ill.

He also says families and close friends of people who are obviously suffering from mental health issues need to speak up and do everything possible to get help for the person before the situation gets worse.

He says that doesn't necessarily mean contacting law enforcement, but can often mean getting the person in contact with mental health programs, citing Peak Wellness in Cheyenne as one example,

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