The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday endorsed an amendment to a bill that already has passed the house.The original house bill specified any federal ban on assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition magazines wouldn't be valid in Wyoming and that any federal officials who tried to enforce a ban would be guilty of a misdemeanor. Senators expressed concerns about the constitutionality of the house version. Senator Leland Christensen(SD-17) successfully recommended amending the bill.

Gets rid of that part that says Wyoming officers would have to arrest federal officers...

Representative Kendell Kroeker (HD-35),one of the sponsors of the bill,says he is not pleased with the amendment.

 they pretty much defeated the entire purpose of the bill...

The amendment also calls on the Wyoming Attorney General to defend Wyoming residents'gun rights.The committee also recommended a bill that would expand an existing provision in state law that bans local governments from enacting any gun-control measures of their own.Those bills now go to the full senate for consideration.

A bill that would make human trafficking a crime in Wyoming has passed the legislature.One of the bills sponsors Representative Cathy Connolly (HD-13), says she is very pleased that the bill passed.

I am absolutely thrilled that we now have a comprehensive human trafficking statute....

Senator Cale Case (SD-25), who was the lone no vote on the bill in the senate says he had some serious concerns about the bill.

If you look at that bill, it does a lot of things.. there are a lot of things that are already crimes...

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