State Senator Anthony Bouchard [R-Laramie and Goshen counties] was stripped of his committee assignments on Thursday by a 19-10 vote of the Wyoming Senate.

According to Senate President Dan Dockstader, Bouchard was removed for a "continued pattern of intimidating and disorderly conduct and other behavior which is unbecoming to a member of the Senate." He went on to accuse Bouchard of "showing open support for a threatening and vulgar attack on a member of this Senate, continued support for such statements, even during the session, filming used as a threatening measure."

But Dockstader did not get into specifics of the allegations, although some senators asked for more details during floor debate saying they didn't know what the alleged incident consisted of. "I don't know what's going on" said Sen. Affie Ellis [R-Laramie County].

Dockstader did say that Bouchard "impugns the integrity of the legislative bodies" leading to a lack of respect for the House and Senate.

In response to the filming allegation Bouchard said "I don't know what filming he's stalking about, other than I said, and it's on social media, I'll read it. 'I told the hospital lobbyists, video is coming on thier COVID fear tactics.' They complained to leadership. Bring it.There it is right there." He went on to say that he had planned to cut a video of committee hearings where hospital lobbyists had used fear tactics against legislation. He added "I'm still going to do it."

He added "I don't think we understand free speech in this chamber if this is where we are at right now." Afterwards, Bouchard posted on Facebook  ''The RINOS and Democrats kicked me off committees. Just like the DC swamp!"

The vote to remove Bouchard from committee assignments was 19-10 in favor with one absent.

Bouchard, who is also a candidate for Wyoming's lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, has been a member of the Wyoming Senate since 2017.

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