Prom is a special event and every girl should be able to wear an amazing dress. So we've teamed up with Toyota of Laramie to make sure that every girl who wants that perfect dress, gets it!

How can you help? Say yes and donate the dress! 

Dig into your closet for all those dresses that are just taking up space. You know you’ll never wear them again. So grab them and donate them to our campaign to make prom 2019 the best ever.

Once you find your dresses, here's what you do.

  • Drop your dresses off at Toyota of Laramie, Down to Earth Dry Cleaning in Laramie or at our Townsquare Media studios in Laramie (3525 Soldier Springs Rd) or Cheyenne (1912 Capitol Ave Suite 300).
  • Do it between now and March 31.
  • We'll get all the dresses dry cleaned.
  • Then on Sunday, April 7, we'll have a huge prom dress sale at Toyota of Laramie, where the girls can buy any dress for just $10!

All proceeds will benefit Laramie Foster Closet, a non-profit organization that provides aid to the foster care community by supplying clothing and other items for free.

Every girl should get to wear an amazing dress to their prom. So do your part and say yes and donate the dress!


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