Have you ever driven from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne Wyoming? If not give me just four minutes and 49 seconds, and I'll get you there.

The above video was posted by Michael Moser on his YouTube channel and shows Wyoming's awe-inspiring landscape as it zips by in high-speed time-lapse.

The video beings with a typical western appearance. But hang on for the buttes and mountains. You'll blow through small towns, past wind turbines and under rain storms before finally arriving in Cheyenne at nigh. The night time high speed video is a thrill to watch.

After watching Mr. Moser's video I then found another high-speed GoPro selection of central Wyoming, This one was shot by a YouTuber named  Renegade Trucker. He steers his rig through several canyons along a river, and even a few tunnels. He then turns the truck around and takes us back to where he started.

But that is only half the trip. The other half takes us from the west side of Wyoming to Casper with the nose of his big rig sticking out in front of us all the way.

What makes it this one special is that, as a Wyoming trucker, he knows the back roads where some of the best scenery is found. You'll love the thunderstorm building as he speeds us toward it.

His video is below.


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