We have one the of finest National Parks a little more than one hours drive from Cheyenne. Rocky Mountain National Park is a gem.

While in Estes Park yesterday for the model train show, we finished early and drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. Highway 34 is closed a few miles into the park for the season, but you get a nice idea of the park's enormity from the road from Estes Park. Fall River Road makes a circle from the entry gate to Highway 36 and gives you a great place to check out the views of the peaks and valleys.

Most folks head to Yellowstone or The Grand Tetons in Wyoming, but don't miss this wonderful National Park. Entry is free this President's Weekend. We were debating paying the $20.00 fee and said it would be worth it, got to the gate and the range said free this weekend. Rocky Mountain National Park is celebrating it's 100th anniversary and there is so much to do, so much to see. Make sure you take a selfie from the observation point on Fall River Road.

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