The Rock Springs Tigers lost on the scoreboard Friday night, but they won in the game of life and, thanks to his best friend, their number one fan had the best seat in the house.

Noah O'Malley and Vincent Johnson grew up together. Watching his childhood friend Vincent bravely battle a disability inspired the 6'4", 220-lb. lineman to be a better player on the field and a better person off the field.

"Noah has done this since he was a child," his parents Crystal Braden and Richard O'Malley said. "Special needs children and adults have always been dear to his heart."

Photo Courtesy of Brandi Chubb

During Friday night's game against Cheyenne South, Noah wheeled Vincent up to the sideline. When the teams switched sides between quarters, Noah moved Vincent closer to the action. And throughout the game, Noah and his teammates made Vincent feel like one of them.

There will be thousands of high school football plays across the state of Wyoming this fall. None of them will be better than this.

Photo Courtesy of Brandi Chubb