Today, the world lost an incredible soul---Robin Williams was found dead at his home of an alleged suicide. But why? How can someone so funny, so bright, and so talented kill himself?

Depression doesn't discriminate. It doesn't play pretend, doesn't make itself known, and doesn't ask for help. It preys in dark corners, disables even the strongest, and creates its own world of self-doubt. It renders you unable to move. Unable to think. And unable to believe that anyone, ever, would care.

Depression is a dark place.

And sometimes those who make you laugh loudest are burying their own insufferable sadness...

While we can all wish that he would have reached out...that he would have sought help... we can only realize it's the nature of the beast. THIS is, at its very core, what depression does to people (Hyperbole and a Half provides a perfect visual to demonstrate depression....).

As you browse through the best of Robin Williams as shown through Facebook tonight, think about those in your life. Maybe they've shown glimmers of the disease. Don't wait for them to ask for help. By then, it might be too late. Get more information on depression, symptoms, and help here. 

Now remember this beautiful, funny soul with the Top posts of Facebook below.