Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and C-E-O Dale Steenburgen says the latest available year over year retail sales figures for Cheyenne--for February--show an increase of an eye-popping 18.9 percent compared to February 2011. Steenburgen says industrial development showed strong growth, and home sales also showed improvement. Steenburgen says the latest Laramie County jobless numbers, released on Friday, are also relatively good news, with a percentage in the in the low 6 percent range. Steenburgen says that compares favorably with many areas of the country that have a jobless rate above 8 percent. And finally, Steenburgen says the areas continues to draw interest from new businesses, adding he thinks both the local and statewide business climates are among the best in the country, featuring low taxes and minimal regulation of businesses.

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