A bill that would have repealed most gun-free zones failed an introductory vote in the Senate on Wednesday.

But supporters of the measure have now filed the same bill in the Wyoming House, keeping the concept alive for the 2020 session of the Wyoming Legislature.

Senate File 88 won majority support for introduction in the Wyoming Senate on Wednesday. But the 16-13 margin fell short of the 2/3 majority needed for introduction of a non-budget item during a budget session of the Wyoming Legislature.

But supporters of the measure filed a mirror bill, House Bill 180 on Wednesday. HB 180 is sponsored by Rep. Tim Salazar [R-Fremont County].

The measure would repeal gun-free zones in schools, governmental meetings and colleges, and universities, including the University of Wyoming. It would not apply to courtrooms or private property.

The bill would also specifically say the state legislature has jurisdiction over imposing gun restrictions in Wyoming, as opposed to local governments.

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