Rep. Chuck Gray [R-HD 57} on Monday released details of a bill he plans to put forward in the 2021 session of the Wyoming Legislature on health mandates.

Gray last week on Facebook posted his concerns about health mandates in the state, specifically mentioning the statewide face mask mandate implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

''I'm opposed to the statewide mask mandate and the other mandates announced. I believe in personal responsibility, not government mandates. I'm working on a bill that will stop the state health officer and Governor from being able to issue these unconstitutional, out of control, and arbitrary orders.''

Gray yesterday sent out an email offering more specific details about his bill:

''The bill will require any state health order to be approved within 10 days, and all county orders to be approved within 10 days by the county commissioners.

“The current statute gives an unelected official unprecedented powers,” Gray said.  “That needs to change so there is oversight and accountability consistent with a Constitutional republic.”

Gray clarified that the approval for the statewide orders would have to come from the state legislature.

Several prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Wyoming, including Laramie Country District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove, have raised constitutional questions about enforcing health mandates as a law.

Manlove and several others have said they will not prosecute people for violating the mandates.

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