Our friends at WalletHub recently released a list of the 'Best Summer Travel Destinations' and I have to say, I was shocked there was no city in Wyoming that showed up on the list.

Sure, Wyoming and its bigger cities aren't exactly known as a 'glamourous' travel destination like a Las Vegas, San Diego, or maybe Tampa Bay might be, but there's definitely plenty of reasons to travel to our state, and to Cheyenne in particular.

When you look at some of the reasons why cities ended up on WalletHub's list of 'best summer travel destinations, some of their key factors considered included the destination's scenic quality, cost and convenience of travel and affordability, number of attractions and activities available, and also the weather.

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Wyoming has tons of scenic quality in general and that includes Cheyenne. Maybe we get used to it here in town, but there's not many places in the U.S. where you have such beautiful scenery when you look off in the distance. Just driving down from the top of any hill on the edge of town, it's a pretty awesome sight to take in. Or just turn on to Happy Jack Road and there is more than enough scenery to gawk at.

Cheyenne is pretty inexpensive as well. When you compare it to other summer destinations, the cost and affordability here is practically second to none. I was recently reminded of this when I made a recent trip down to Denver where things are quite pricier around town that we might take for granted in and around Cheyenne. So yes, very cost effective and affordable as a summer destination.

In terms of attractions and activities available, there is definitely something called Cheyenne Frontier Days happening this summer that you may have heard of. It is a nationally known festival that people travel to from all over. The festival itself could have landed Cheyenne as a top summer travel destination. Not only that, but the historic downtown is such a great vibe to be around. Just check out the Depot downtown one time and you'll totally get it. There's also some great breweries throughout the downtown area that are all within relatively close distance to each other. So for attractions and activities, check that box off as well.

And as for the weather, as long as you're okay with some breeze, it's probably one of the most tolerable climates you can ask for. The average high temperature during the hottest month of the year in Cheyenne is about 82.4 degrees. That sounds amazing! Not only that, but here, when the temperature does reach the 90s, it actually feels like the 90s opposed to other regions that will have temps in the 90s, but have a heat index of 115. The weather in Cheyenne during the summer is a pretty nice luxury whether we realize or not. Vacationers sure will.

So there it is, that's why Cheyenne could be considered as a top summer travel destination. We'll certainly get plenty of out-of-towners coming here for Cheyenne Frontier Days, but those people might just realize that Cheyenne's a nice travel spot for more than just one week out of the year.

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