Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell said Friday the first thing he will do if he is elected Governor of Wyoming will be to take over public lands in the state from the federal government.

He said he would issue an executive order directing the federal government to immediately give Wyoming control of all public lands in the state. Rammell, in an interview with Glenn Woods on KGAB radio in Cheyenne on Friday morning, said state officials would then ''deny them jurisdiction and professionally escort them off public lands."

Rammell didn't say what action he would take if the federal government simply chose to ignore his executive order.

Rammell initially announced he would run for governor of Wyoming earlier this year, but later announced he was running as a Constitution Party candidate instead. He told Woods that if any of the Republican gubernatorial candidates other than Mark Gordon had won the GOP primary election held on Tuesday, he would have withdrawn from the race.

He also claimed to have the support of former Republican candidate Taylor Haynes following Haynes' loss in the primary and said he was hoping for the support of all of the other Republican gubernatorial candidates except Gordon.

Rammell also said he is hoping to utilize at least some of those candidates' political ''infrastructure'' in his campaign for the governor's office.

Rammell, who is a Rock Springs veterinarian, ran unsuccessfully for the Idaho Legislature in 2002, 2004 and 2012. He also ran for the U.S. Senate in Idaho in 2008 and Governor of Idaho in 2010, losing all of those races.

His most recent political effort prior to this year was an unsuccessful congressional campaign in Wyoming in 2016 for the Republican nomination eventually won by Liz Cheney, who was elected to the seat in the 2016 general election

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