A couple of bills that would have eased up on the state's penalties for pot possession went down in flames in the Wyoming Legislature on Tuesday.

Both state House bills were sponsored by Cheyenne Democratic Representative James Byrd.

The first bill would have decriminalized possession of an ounce or less of marijuana, implementing a fine of $100 for between a half ounce and an ounce of cannabis. For amounts of a half ounce or less the fine would be $50.

The house voted against that proposal by a margin of 39-20.

A second bill sponsored by the Cheyenne Democrat would have allowed people who have a valid medical marijuana car in a state where it is legal to use medicinal pot to have the drug in Wyoming.

Byrd said his legislation wouldn't have allowed Wyoming residents to get a marijuana card in another state and legally have the drug in Wyoming, but would only apply to people who could prove residency in another state.

That bill failed by a margin of 38-21.

Since non-budget bills need a two-thirds majority to be introduced in the current budget session, and neither bill was able to get even a simple majority, both measures fell far short of being considered.

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