You see a fair amount of discussion on social media these days about corporal punishment--or spanking--as a form of discipline.

Wyoming law generally allows spanking of children so long as it doesn't result in serious physical injury. Wyoming Statute 14-3-202 reads in part:

"Abuse" means inflicting or causing physical or mental injury, harm or imminent danger to the physical or mental health or welfare of a child other than by accidental means, including abandonment, unless the abandonment is a relinquishment substantially in accordance with W.S. 14-11-101 through 14-11-109, excessive or unreasonable corporal punishment, malnutrition or substantial risk thereof by reason of intentional or unintentional neglect, and the commission or allowing the commission of a sexual offense against a child as defined by law.''

It further defines what ''injury'' means:

''Physical injury" means any harm to a child including but not limited to disfigurement, impairment of any bodily organ, skin bruising if greater in magnitude than minor bruising associated with reasonable corporal punishment, bleeding, burns, fracture of any bone, subdural hematoma or substantial malnutrition.''

So it is legal within certain limits. Is it a good idea?

Arguments For Corporal Discipline

A lot of people on social media seem to think so. It isn't unusual to see posts saying, "A lot of today's problems could be solved with a little good old-fashioned discipline.'' Such posts are often accompanied by an old photo of a parent or grandparent yielding a belt or switch to make the point. Many people today feel that kids are out of control--and that the decline of corporal discipline is a big factor. Some folks take it a step further, arguing that the decline of corporal discipline leads to a general lack of respect that they say is common among young adults.

As the old saying goes, ''spare the rod and spoil the child."

Arguments Against Corporal Discipline

But of course, not everyone agrees.

A lot of folks think corporal punishment amounts to child abuse. Arguments against it include the idea that it sends a message that 'might makes right' and that physical violence is a perfectly acceptable way of asserting authority. There is also the issue of discipline leading to outright abuse, especially if a parent is angry. An angry parent may be capable of going over the line from discipline to abuse. Children can be maddening, after all.

That only has to happen once to result in tragic consequences.

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