It may have been a lesson, taught by the mama mountain lion for her three cubs, on how to slay a deer and to eat it clean. Very clean.

The Colorado Department of Parks & Wildlife (CPW) was notified that there was a fallen deer on the caller's property that a mountain lion and cubs were feeding off of. Letting nature take its course, a CPW officer moved the carcass away from the residence on the property and set up a camera.

It's not exactly clear on how long it took the female mountain lion, along with three cubs to completely devour this deer in the Durango area. I would have to guess that it took several days, as they took the carcass down to the bone.

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Colorado Department of Parks & Wildlife states that as deer migrate from winter to spring, it's not uncommon for them to be seen in residential areas. With deer, come mountain lions, which can bring danger.

Though CPW provided several photos, you have to imagine that there were some really nasty 'nature' photos that they captured as well.  I wonder if CPW will be back to dispose of the bones, somehow, or do they just leave them where they lay?

Mountain Lions Devour Deer

Last week we received a call regarding a deer that had possibly been killed and cached by a mountain lion north of...

Posted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Durango on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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