A phone scam that features phony grandchildren asking grandparents for bail money has been reported in Sweetwater County.

Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell says the scheme starts with a phone call from someone claiming to be the intended victim's grandchild. The caller, who may use the name of an actual grandchild, claims to be in jail in another state or Canada, usually on a drug possession or DUI charge.

If the victim remarks the caller doesn't sound like the grandchild, the caller will blame it on being upset or having a cold.That call is followed up by a second call from a fake attorney, who claims to be representing the "grandchild," who presses the victim to send thousands of dollars right away.

A Rock Springs man who was recently victimized by the scam was recently taken for $4,000, according to the sheriff.

Lowell is warning older people to watch out for the scam calls and encourages family members to warn grandparents about the scheme. More information on this and other scams is available at the FBI scam website.

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