A phone scam threatening people with a shut-off of their electric service is being reported in the Cheyenne area.

The scam features bogus representatives of Black Hills Energy calling people up and claiming they are behind on their electric bill and face an immediate shut off of their electricity if payment is not made.

In some cases, the caller threatens a shut-off within 45 minutes and says if that happens the power will not be restored for at least a week, according to numerous social media posts.

Some of the more sophisticated scammers are able to manipulate caller ID to make it look as though they really are with the utility company. Others leave a call-back number with a recording that mimics a utility company's phone system message.

If an account is at risk of being disconnected, Black Hills Energy will always issue advance written notices by mail, according to the company's website.

Customers with questions about their bill or about the legitimacy of someone claiming a Black Hills Energy employee can call 1-888-890-5554 for information.

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