Black Hills Energy is reporting what it says are brief intermittent power outages in the Cheyenne area due to powerful winds that are blasting southeast Wyoming.

The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service was forecasting winds that could reach 75-80 miles per hour in the Cheyenne area through this evening. They are expected to taper off somewhat on Sunday.

Black Hills Energy spokesperson Laurie Farkas, in a Saturday evening news release, said that crews are monitoring the system and are working to make any needed repairs as soon as possible.

How To Access Outage Information

You can get information on outage information here. Information is available on your mobile device by logging into your Black Hills Energy account or by calling 1-800-890-5554.

Farkas says during an outage you can call that same number, 1-800-890-5554 to report a problem. If your power goes out, you should unplug sensitive computer and electronic equipment.

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