How many of you would love for a big star, like Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, to mention you business, thus yielding a million dollars per mention?

That's what happened last night after Super Bowl 50. However, it wasn't planned and Peyton wasn't paid. In all of the excitement, as Peyton Manning was being interviewed, he told the reporter that he was going to kiss his kids and wife and "drink a lot of Budweiser tonight."

Keep in mind that a 30 second commercial costs advertisers $5 million a spot. According to Budweiser spokeswoman Lisa Weser, "Hi Internet. For the record, Budweiser did not pay Peyton Manning to mention Budweiser tonight. We were surprised and delighted that he did."

According to Budweiser, each mention put $1.6 million into the beer makers pocket. With two mentions, Budweiser made about S3.2 million more than what they expected.

How would that help your business if Peyton Manning mentioned your company twice? Well, I guess we may never know.

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