A couple of recent online polls that we have run have gotten some pretty strong responses from readers and listeners.

On Dec. 29, we asked visitors to our website how they felt about legalizing marijuana in Wyoming. Bills to do so have been introduced in the Wyoming legislature in recent years.

Last year, a bill put forward by Rep. Jared Olsen [R-Laramie County] passed the House Judiciary Committee on a 6-3 vote. But legislative leaders allowed the bill to die by missing a deadline for a vote in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

In December we asked readers about their views on the subject.

Here are the results of that poll:

Should Wyoming legalize weed in 2022? Or is it time to crack down on pot?









Total Votes: 2,557

The 2500 people who answered the poll was one of the larger responses to one of our polls in recent years. Several pot legalization online polls we have run in recent years have consistently favored legalization in Wyoming by wide margins. So far 36 states have legalized marijuana for at least medical usage. 18 states have approved recreational pot use.
In Wyoming, supporters of a couple of pot ballot proposals--one legalizing marijuana, the other decriminalizing [but not legalizing] are hoping to get the issues before voters in time for the November General Election.
It's worth noting, however, that the process for ballot initiatives in Wyoming makes it notoriously difficult to win final approval, and very few such proposals are approved.
As of Friday morning, no marijuana bills had been filed for the upcoming legislative session which gets underway in mid-February. Since that will be a budget session, it will require a 2/3 majority for the introduction of non-budget items.This past week, we asked our readers/listeners whether they prefer human cashiers or automated self-checkout stations when shopping.Here are the results of that survey:

Do you prefer self-checkout or human cashiers when shopping?





 Total Votes: 923

It's worth noting that a large number of comments from the "other" category in the checkout poll had to do with the number of items the shopper was purchasing.
Several people commented that the self-checkout stations were handy for smaller orders, but said they preferred a human checker for purchases with more items.
Online polls are open to anyone who chooses to answer and are not demographically weighted to match the profile of either voters or the general public.

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