It's almost 2022, and perhaps there are some words or phrases that you think we should leave behind in 2021.

A lot of people are sick of hearing about the "new normal" or "social distance."

Perhaps you never want to hear about mask mandates again? Maybe you wish those who are proclaiming themselves to be "woke" would go back to sleep for a while?

Or maybe your phrase most deserving of permanent retirement is something political? Maybe you think the whole "Let's go Brandon" thing has been done to death at this point? Or you may think that the term ''racist" has been hijacked to mean "Anything progressives disagree with" and needs to at least be scaled back in its use?

Is "build back better" really code for "we want to raise your taxes?'' Maybe that is a phrase you would just as soon not hear anymore?

Take our poll and let us know what phrase you think should be forced into retirement from the English language in 2022!

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