On Friday we asked our readers and listeners to comment on Facebook about what sort of business they would like to see in Cheyenne.

While we got several responses about more sit-down restaurants, a new Costco, and a few other ideas, one theme dominated: We need a rec center!

The problem is that tax-funded rec center proposals have gone before the voters of Cheyenne multiple times--and been defeated every time. The needle has never moved that much in terms of the public vote, going back over a decade. Opponents of a rec center say the public has spoken clearly and that the answer is no

Arguments Against A Rec Center

Arguments against a rec center include: it's not the government's job to pay for recreation center. We already have private gyms, sports leagues for kids, and after-school programs. Why do we have to spend tax dollars for more?

It is too expensive, Cheyenne has other issues that we should focus on. Tax-funded facilities should not compete with private businesses.

The voters have said no to this several times. No means no, Could please we stop beating this dead horse?

Arguments in Favor Of A Rec Center

Other Wyoming towns, including Casper, Rock Springs, Gillette, and others have recreation centers. Why doesn't the largest city and state capitol of Wyoming? There isn't much for kids to do in Cheyenne, especially in the summer. 

Kids with too much time on their hands get into trouble. Besides, we should encourage people to live healthy lifestyles and exercise. And a rec center could fill a niche that isn't being offered by private gyms.

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