Many people are starting to feel like the COVID-19 pandemic will never end.

Back when it all started, people were being advised to wash their hands frequently, avoid large crowds, and social distance whenever possible. Later in the pandemic, people were advised--and in some cases ordered--to wear face masks indoors.

Earlier this year, of course, the vaccines became available. Wyoming, however, has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country at around 40 percent.

After all of that, there is little doubt that a certain "COVID fatigue" has set in with many folks.

They are tired of hearing about it and tired of discussing it. Does that mean they are tired of taking precautions as well?

Many comments on social media are alluding to ''refusing to live in fear." Yet, there is no doubt that people are still becoming infected, and in some cases dying of COVID-19.

So we wondered..are you still taking precautions against COVID 19? If so, what?

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