A bill that would require all internet devices made, distributed or sold in Wyoming to contain internet software that blocks obscene websites has been proposed for consideration by Wyoming lawmakers.

House Bill 127 would allow sellers of internet devices to disable the blocking software if a buyer who is at least 18 years or is an emancipated minor under Wyoming law makes a request in writing asking for it to be disabled.

The buyer would also have to acknowledge in writing the receipt of a document to be developed by the Wyoming Attorney General describing the dangers posed by the obscene material that the software is designed to block.

The bill refers to Wyoming Statute 6-4-301 (a) (iii) in defining the obscene material.

Obscene material under the bill would also include such things as child pornography or websites that promote prostitution, human trafficking or human servitude.

The bill's primary sponsor is Representative Lars Lone (R-Laramie County).

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