Laramie County Commissioner Amber Ash says a study group that was set up to propose a water conservation plan for the county to the State Engineer's Office has not put a plan together.

The State Engineer's Office imposed a plan on the county on April 1, 2015 that included water meters and conservation measures for the portion of the county designated as a ''control area" that includes much of the eastern part of the county but not the city of Cheyenne.

The plan is meant to reduce water consumption in light of the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer, which underlies part of Wyoming as well as seven other states,

The study group was actually formed in 2014, even before the engineer's office had imposed a water conservation plan on the county. The group investigated proposals to conserve water that would impose the least possible amount of hardships on county water users.

On Friday, Ash said there really hasn't been a formal plan put forward. She said the hope had been that the group could put forward some proposals that could put forward to the Engineer's Office to at least be incorporated into the existing plan,  but that obviously won't be happening in the near future.

She did say there is still the possibility of that happening at some point, but didn't offer any kind of timetable for that happening.

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