Dailynews11 is reporting that the next Star Wars movie will be filmed in part in our backyard.

“CHEYENNE, Wyoming – Numerous news outlets are reporting that a portion of the next Star Wars movie will be filmed just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The location in Wyoming will represent a previously unknown planet in the Star Wars universe.” Vedauwoo? Do they know about "Hell's Half Acre?"

I could not find any other news outlets as they mentioned (I found their article reposted on a few sites with other cities named) and I had serious doubts about the validity of their story though I did want to see that my SAG and AFTRA dues are paid up. “I’m ready for my close up Mr. Johnson.” Mr. Johnson is Rian Johnson, as explained in the Dailynews11 article:

“Writer and director Rian Johnson is said to have personally chosen the location and will need the help of a large number of extras from Cheyenne and the surrounding area. Reports claim that a big reason in choosing to film in Wyoming is that the state has recently been providing significant incentives to production companies that choose to film in their state.”

Turns out the story was made up. Their site is a sham. "Daily News 11 is a fantasy news site.  Most articles on dailynews11.com are satire or pure fantasy." Pure fantasy in this case.

What we do know is that we don't know much. They keep as much as they can under wraps. Some are saying they have plot points but its just speculation.

Rian Johnson's sequel to "The Force Awakens" started filming in February as a followup to last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Moviepilot says “Star Wars 8, currently being filmed on Skellig Michael island in Ireland.” That from a Redditor insider who according to hngn.com “says Lucasfilm has landed on "Star Wars: Echoes of the Dark Side," but may be titled "Star Wars: The Tale of the Jedi Temple" or "Star Wars: The Order of the Dark Side." Rumors abound. It’s typical for a film this big to have a lot of rumors and false information surrounding it. Fans speculate plot points, news of GLAAD wanting gay characters.

In January, Rick Roddam revealed “Star Wars fans here in the Cowboy State may have noticed a recent disturbance in the force. A group identified as the Mountain Garrison 501st Legion of Stormtroopers is encouraging Wyoming residents to join the dark side.” I guess that wasn't enough to sway them here.

I had my hopes for a moment. I mean, why not Wyoming? And wouldn’t it be cool? But, it ain't happening.

"Star Wars: episode VIII" is slated for release on Dec. 17, 2017.


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