We know that winter isn't far away because that's what the calendar tells us. But, there's also a new video showing a bighorn sheep in Yellowstone that also means winter is close.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker shared this video of a very majestic bighorn sheep.

I had never really thought about why you see bighorn more frequently in the winter compared to warm weather months, but their status update makes a lot of sense. During the summer, they can hang out in the safer high elevations where other predators aren't as common. This time of year, there's already snow in the high places around Yellowstone which brings the sheep down closer to the road (and us humans).

Travel Wyoming has some interesting bighorn sheep facts many of which I had no idea about including that the largest wintering herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep is here in Wyoming. They also mention the horns on this bighorn can weigh up to 30 pounds. Now you know, too.

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